Tech Takeaway: March 11, 2018

Last week we saw quite a bit going on in the world of technology and science. We learned about the latest in AI, what Nintendo may be doing with the next Switch device, and we got a look at Apple’s latest venture in health and fitness.

Check out this past week’s roundup of our favorite pieces – just for you.

Artificial Intelligence Helps With Costs, Clinical Care at HIMSS18

Source: IBM

In artificial intelligence, data turns out to be the most important raw material for developing reliable systems and luckily the healthcare industry has enough of that. Experts claim that data, when used intelligently, can transform the healthcare environment, to fashion better quality care, for much reasonable costs.

Mothers of Tech: Grace Hopper

Source: Buzznet

As if it wasn’t cool enough to serve her country alongside men who may not have been the most supportive, Grace went above and beyond to leave a lasting impact in the field of technology; an impact that lives on still today. She is most notable for her efforts in designing Common Business-Oriented Language (COBOL), which is based on the FLOW-MATIC language that she designed in 1958.

Refurbished Organs Are A Possible Solution for People Needing Transplants

According to the American Transplant Foundation, an average of twenty individuals die every day in the United States awaiting organs from donors to use in transplants; therefore, if the surgeon’s idea comes to fruition, it could possibly eliminate any need for a waiting list for organs.

Amazon Is Going to Offer Customers a Hybrid Checking Account

Source: Empire Flippers

Should Amazon ever get the chance of giving customers their own checking account, the company would have deep insight into customer finances, and that would allow it to provide better deals.

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