Levitating Water on Your Desktop Is A Real Thing with LeviZen

The Internet is filled with cool gadgets, many of which are useless, while others are just there to look great while doing something impressive at the same time. They might not accomplish much, but they’ll definitely catch the eye.

That’s exactly what the LeviZen is all about, and you know what? We’d love to get our hands on one regardless. Now, the LeviZen is a gravity device with the ability to levitate water droplets. It’s not the first levitator we’ve seen, but it’s the first to have a professional design rather than something out of a spy movie.

By looking at the LeviZen, it’s clear this device was created to please the imagination and to garner attention. Certainly, if you have one of these in your home, you’re bound to be on the receiving end of a lot of questions and praise from your friends and family.

So, How Does the LeviZen Work?

“We’d like to think that LeviZen brings outer space on your desk by giving you the chance to experience water in zero gravity in person for the first time. Meticulously crafted from fine walnut wood and precision machined aluminum, LeviZen is fundamentally a liquid levitator using high frequency sound waves which are not audible to our ears,” according to the creators.

Levitating water using sound waves isn’t the only thing this device is capable of doing. The company says it can also light up the levitated water droplets, a move that allows them to glow beautifully in the dark.

It’s as if the light itself is levitating, something we only get the chance to see in fictional media.

The Control Box

There are two parts to the LeviZen. The section where all the magic happens, and then the control box. When you look at the design of the control box, it doesn’t appear as if it came from this period, but instead, a time from within the 80s or even before that.

It’s quite fitting with the three small levers, a seven-segmented display, and a simple turn wheel. The outer structure is wooden, and that’s probably our only gripe.

An all metal design would make for a longer lasting product, but one has to take consideration that the company behind it doesn’t have the funding and the manpower to go down this route.

Is the LeviZen Worth Your Time?

If you’re into strange looking things or just something to spice up your desktop, then this device should run right down your alley. It’s currently on Kickstarter with a backing of US$ 71,326 at the time of writing.

Pledging $199 should ensure a copy in the mail by July of 2018. Furthermore, one should bear in mind the official price after the Kickstarter campaign will come out at around $399.

“We want the world to experience water levitation. This phenomenon was invented many years ago and has been living in the science labs around the world ever since and there has not been a finished product in the market since then so everyone can simply buy and experience this surreal invention. We want to change that with LeviZen,” the company says.