Review: Achoro Dual USB Port Wall Charger

For guys in possession of multiple devices that run on iOS and an Android system, odds are that you’ve encountered charging troubles. More so when you have limited wall outlet and they simultaneously need to be charged. If you can relate, then the Achoro dual USB wall charger and charging cable were designed to put your charging misery to rest.

The Achoro USB wall charger is compactly designed with an interesting inbuilt case holder for the charging cable. Locating your charging accessories has never been that easier. Boasting of a current adaptation system to match the device being charged current requirements, the Achoro dual USB port will make you a darling of many in round-table meetings or at the airport.

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Product Description

  • Features a dual type A USB Port Interface delivering a power output rating of 2.4A effectively supporting a wide range of iOS and Androidpowered devices.
  • Designed with travellers in mind. Foldable dual prong, a 100-240V compatibility range, and the inbuilt charging cord holder concept makes Achoro dual USB charger a traveler’s choice.
  • Smart charging: a plug and charge device. An inbuilt current detection intelligence system automatically delivers optimum charging power for your device.
  • Inbuilt safety system for both yourself and your device. Achoro boast of safety systems that guard against an electric surge, short circuits and over current delivery.

Salient attractions of Achoro Dual USB Port Wall Charger

Achoro dual USB wall charger defines squarely what a traveler’s adapter ought to be. For starters, its featherweight and the foldable prongs eliminate the hazard of protruding ends. The icing on the cake ought to be the inbuilt cord carrier. Kill two birds with a single stone- save carrying space and have a tidy bag free from entangled charging cables.

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Epitome of Versatility

To set the record straight, this particular charger supports all smartphones including Samsung, Apple, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, Pixel and many more. As for iOS operating system devices, Achoro deemed fit to throw in a charging and data transfer cable for you at no extra cost.

Potential Deal Breakers

USB-C is the new kid on the block. Having a dual USB-A in Achoro wall charger for me was a dampener. As mobile phones evolve, more high-end devices are replacing their charging and adopting USB-C. To avoid being annihilated by the arms race of technology, Achoro ought to step up.

Nevertheless, I won’t rate the product on what it didn’t promise to deliver. Achoro Dual USB wall charger categorically states that it offers USB-A and the charger doesn’t support iPhone 4s and models prior to it thus blocking out a potential client group. No brinkmanship intended. They at least forewarned me.

For the bookworm, find something to read on the internet with regards to user manual instructions. It’s not included in the package. But again this is simply a plug and charge device. Nothing unfathomable to deal with.

Parting Shots

If you are impressed by what you have read above, and you could do with a little bit of ‘Batman Robin’ status in situations with limited wall outlets, spare some $29.99 USD and grab a piece of the Achoro dual USB wall charger and charging cable from US Gift Giant. Gift it to a loved one today and let them share their thoughts with rest of the world.