Amazon Launches Luxurious Kindle Oasis in Champagne Gold

Source: The Verge

When you think of expensive lifestyle,many think of homes, cars, accessories, antiques among others. Now Amazon is trying to re-define this notion by launching the premium Kindle Oasis that comes in a goldish colour “champagne gold” .The announcement comes five months after the former was launched to the market.

“Ten years ago, we introduced our first Kindle with the mission of delivering any book ever written in 60 seconds or less,” stated Dave Limp, Vice President at Amazon Company. It’s on this promise that the company prides on having the classy product which targets the wealthy group. I mean the e-reader is basically for showing off and possession only.

It’s undoubted that the latest device becomes the first gold-plated novel reader launched by Amazon. The tablet is coated on the back and side leaving the front side black. This makes it possible for text to pop-up.

Amazon kindle Oasis

Outstanding Features

From the exterior design you’ll note that Amazon has retained the dark gray lining featured in the former version of the product. The manufacturers have made the gadget water resistant with a 7-inch (300ppl) touchscreen display. Here, the resolution stands at 1680× 1264 for clear image quality.

From the feasibility tests it is said that the Kindle Oasis can be immersed in water for a minimum of half an hour on fresh water. So worry not if you accidentally drop the tablet in the bath or in a swimming pool.

To enable readers to save as many novels as they wish, the makers decided to expand the internal storage to 32GB. This is enhanced by the dual core processor that is super-fast. Additionally, the device locks out users on cellular models as it only allows Wi-Fi access.

Frankly, there is no unique functionality introduced by the gadget as it uses similar lighting system as the black voyage and Paperwhite 3. Moreover, device has long-lasting battery life boosted by the fast charging capability (less than half an hour to fully charge from zero).


Interestingly, the device is symmetrically designed to make it sleek, weightless and portable. To spice up the outlook, designers have added audible surround functionality on the edges of the e-reader. It also supports external audio outputs like Bluetooth speakers, headsets and headphones.

Are you regular novelist? Then the Champagne gold Kindle Oasis enables you to carry it with a holder and bezel

Expected Price Range

When it comes to market prices you definitely expect potential customers to comfortably part with $360-$390 with ads and $410 without. This pricing is for pre-orders with the first shipping set for march 22nd and is $40 higher than the darker version. Amazon mentioned that shipping of the e-readers will commence

Amazon also stated that the gold model will be in stores in US and United Kingdom before heading to Canada then globally.


On the flip side, the Kindle Oasis is perceived as an extravagant item whose main purpose is to foster e-reading. But tech analyst speculates that the production of only 32GB model as the causal factor of high prices. Another con is that it misses the 3.5mm auto jack thus limits plugin of headphones.

Moreover, it is to be seen as whether the model has resolved the issue of non-responsive light sensors. This follows complaints raised on the light sensors on the kindle voyage sensors.

E-reader novelists are anticipating for maybe an all-gold coated gadget to make it fully premium and prestigious. This may imply additional costs.

What Next for Amazon Device Producer

Checking on the latest trends, Amazon’s pattern showcases their prowess in providing enhanced e-reading experience. The latest entry leaves a lot of queries as whether the manufacturers will push on releasing better devices.

Amazon kindle

Considering the fascinating design of the Kindle Oasis Champagne gold, you can go ahead and make your pre-order to become among the first to have hands on the e-reader.