How To Use AI In 2018 To Make Life Easier

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Artificial Intelligence is a very useful technology. Although it is still a science fiction for many of us yet there are certain places where AI is widely used by the developers nowadays.

AI plays an important and major role in our life directly or indirectly and sometimes we do not notice it out. AI is everywhere, in car, home, smartphone and making a big difference in our daily life.

Here are some of the examples where you can use AI to make life much more easier in 2018. Do have a look.

Video Games

AI technology has been used in the video games for a very long period of time, since its launch may be. With the development of games, AI has also evolved drastically and became much more effective. The developers are using this technology in their video games to make them more realistic and user friendly.

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Smart Devices

Many smart devices are designed to learn your behavioral patterns and predict everything you throws at them. This is the place where Artificial intelligence plays a major role. All these devices use this technology to interact with your nature and do the activities exactly the way you want them to do.  Some of the smart devices where you are using AI are TV, home lighting, thermostat and more.

Virtual Assistants

With the increasing demand of technology, comes the use of Virtual Personal Assistants. This technology has been used by developers with an assistant in your smartphone to assist you with everything you need from your device. Some of the useful apps also require AI to operate smoothly and provides proper information. Some of the well known Virtual Assistants are Google Now for Android, Siri for iOS and Cortana for Windows platform.

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Future Cars

Smart Cars as we know them as Future Cars have been designed by using the Artificial Intelligence to a certain extent. As these are cars are fully automated and drive by their own, use of this technology seems to be giving them a reality pretty soon. AI is used in these cars to help them self drive exactly the way a human could drive but without any flaws. Isn’t it cool? Tesla’s autopilot feature is an example of such a technology.

Security Services

Another place where AI could really shine is the Security surveillance department. You can use this technology to keep an eye at numerous cameras all at a time which is pretty much impossible for a single person. You can monitor everything automatically and would be alerted if any threat persists.

These are some of the best applications where you can use Artificial Intelligence to make your life much more easier in 2018 than it was in 2017. We hope this article will surely help you out. Do share it with your friends and family over the social media and also drop us comments for any query.