Can You Really Trust Online Payments?

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Online shopping has been hugely popular across the globe. Lots of customers shop online as it comes with lots of advantages and expand the choices of buying products. Nowadays, you can avail a product with different price range at different websites. Thus the competition is at its peak where every provider is trying hard to give the best shot.With the growing online markets, comes the option of online payments which may be sometimes tricky and does not work out properly quite often.

It is therefore a must for you to ask whether you can really trust online payments.To answer your question, we have come up with some shocking truths you should know before buying anything online. Do have a proper look at the provided details.

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  • Online shopping does not allow interacting with anyone before purchasing a product from their site. You even don’t know whether the product is from a branded store or it is perfectly safe for a buy.
  • Users cannot avail the facility of tax free shopping which is offered by seasonal shopping festivals. Sometimes if you are not happy with the product, you cannot return it, and if you are able to do so, money refunding will not be that easy.
  • While shopping locally from a store, you are able to physically test and try out the items if they are good and really fit you perfectly. But while purchasing online, you are purely avoid of any interactions with the product you choose to buy.
  • Sometimes the ordered items get back ordered without even giving a proper notice for it. This becomes prominent when you remain out of station or the delivery guy just not been able to track you down.
  • It wastes a lot of time. In most of the places it takes around 5 – 6 days to deliver the products whereas if you are in any remote places, it will end up delivering at nearly 15 days from the date of purchasing which in terrible.
  • You cannot make payments with a check for the delivered items which is quite possible while shopping from a local store. Although cash on delivery options are available, but it is dependent upon your location as well as it is not available for smaller purchases which is disappointing.
  • The shipping as well as handling charges vary from product to product. They will be astronomical to guess. Sometimes it is seen that the handling charges are nearly 300% more than the actual product price. This is quite shocking but true.

These are some of the shocking truths that you must know before heading out to make a purchase online. Do read them carefully and notice out the shortcomings of online shopping and if you are able to deal with them, go ahead. Though we are talking about the lagging points, but online shopping does come with numerous advantages and we have to agree on that. We hope this article helped you with all the information’s & fact you need to know on online payments.