Review: Adonit Ink Windows 10 Computer Stylus Is Good and Affordable

Windows 10 has brought a lot to the table in terms of features, but one of the most notable is the support for the touchscreen. Yes, previous versions of the operating system had touchscreen support, but Windows 10 is the first to take things seriously.

Here we are in the future with quite a few Windows 10 touchscreen computers, and many have support for the stylus. Microsoft took a step down this road with the Surface line of products, and due to the success, others have followed in their footstep.

That’s good news for consumers and equally good news for third-party accessory manufacturers. Let’s agree on one important thing here; the Microsoft Surface Pen is the most known stylus for Windows computers, but there’s another that, in my mind, is good enough and cost less.

The Adonit INK

What we’re looking at here is the first Windows stylus from Adonit, and you know what? It’s a solid first attempt.

The product is affordable at $45 on Amazon, so if you’re on a budget, the Ink is the way to go.
Plus, if you’re not the type of person who wants to own everything Microsoft, yet again, the Ink is a decent step.

Design and Quality

The design and the build quality is pretty good. It feels good when in the hands, and it doesn’t come off as overly heavy or overly light. I like the fact that it comes with a matte finish instead of anything shiny.

It means that should the Adonit Ink Stylus falls to the ground repeatedly, any scratches it invokes won’t be fully apparent.

The biggest highlight of the stylus is the 1mm tip that is similar to the Apple Pencil for the iPad. Furthermore, it comes with a single button that acts like two buttons. The section closer to the tip is the power button and the eraser, while the other section acts as the right-click button.

If you’re looking to customize this thing, well, don’t hold your breath because such actions are limited at best.

At the very top of the Adonit Ink, then, is the micro-USB charging port. Now, as for the battery life, our testing shows it can last up to eight days if you use it for up 10-hours every day. Compared to the Surface Pen, it’s not that great, and not to mention, it comes with a built-in battery, which could pose some problems in the future.

A Little Bit More

OK, so Adonit says the tip of the Ink supports pressure sensitivity, but I’m not certain how much. Additionally, the tip is hard, so users who are drawing on a glass surface might come across frequent slippage.

It would be best to use the Ink on a matte surface for better performance if you can.

Drawing and Writing Performance

Compared to the Surface Pen, the Adonit Ink, in terms of writing and drawing, is fine. Everything happens as it should, with only small problems most folks can ignore. If you are a professional artist, then I’m not in the position to recommend the Ink.

That’s because the Ink is not as sensitive as the Surface Pen, and at times I’ve managed to come across jitters during writing.

In Conclusion

Make no mistake, the Surface Pen is much better than the Adonit Ink, I can’t stress that enough. However, for folks who just want to perform daily tasks that are not extremely professional, then the Ink is the right product for you.

There’s no need to spend $100 via Amazon on a Surface Pen when the Ink is much cheaper and does most of the things the Surface Pen can do.