Now You Can Scan QR Codes to Pay Through WhatsApp

WhatsApp is soon going to open up the gift box for its users. Guess what? Now you can scan QR codes to pay through WhatsApp. Yes, you are reading it right.Earlier the month Whatsapp has added a feature called “WhatsApp Payment” which uses to allow the users to send or receive money from their friends, family and other contacts by using “Send to UPI ID” option.

But after the launch, the users, as well as the Whatsapp team, has also realized that the “Send to UPI ID” is a quite irritating method.

Users have to open the chat option all the time to send or receive money to/from their contacts. There are many other apps available that offers even easier and faster money transfer option to the users, i.e. scanning QR codes.

As a result, the team has been working on it to upgrade the user interface and to provide the easiest way for transaction till date.

In its latest updates, WhatsApp has announced that it is going to launch the latest version of WhatsApp very soon, with the latest feature to scan QR codes to transfer money in a faster way.

Source: Sanvada

To send money using the latest version, the users have to go to the Whatsapp Settings. The newly added “Payment” feature will be there. Users have to tap on that option, then “New payments” and finally tap on “Scan QR Code”

Source: Sanvada

After tapping the QR code option, the scanner will be on, and the users then need to scan the QR codes of their friends.

Source: Sanvada

After scanning, the system will ask the users to type amount, and then the “UPI PIN”. The money will be transferred to the receivers’ account.

Though the latest WhatsApp beta version 2.18.93 is not yet released officially, Whatsapp has invited all its users to come forward to “Become Beta Tester” of the app and give their feedback on the newly added feature.

The “Beta Tester” version is available for the users on “Google Play Store”. Users can go to the page and become a tester of the trial version.

Not only this. On the last update, WhatsApp has also announced about its other updated features. It has also added features like Advanced GIF search, sticker search, etc.

Using the GIF search, users can search for GIFs online on the web using the simple keywords like trending, love, sad, lol, angry, lazy, etc.

And the sticker search will allow the users to search for sticker simply typing the words. When the users will type the word, it will show related stickers available on the web.

Now all the WhatsApp users are eagerly waiting for the official release of the latest version. That will allow them to use a single app for multiple purposes.