Have a Look at the World’s First Modular Light Bulb

Every household requires a few light bulbs to keep things illuminated, and if you’re smart, you’d be using the fluorescent light bulbs instead of the energy-sucking time vampires that are the classic light bulbs.

Still, what if there’s a new type of light bulb that is designed for every situation? Yup, it’s called the Smartbunch, and it’s the world’s first modular light bulb. Now, you might be wondering, what the need for a modular bulb, and to be honest, we were extremely confused at first.

To be honest, it’s pretty difficult to see the use of a bulb that is modular. After all, a bulb is just that, a light bulb that illuminates the room and any area it is placed.

The Smartbunch Light Bulb is for Folks with Style

You see, many of us require light for all type of purposes, which means, it can become expensive because one has to purchase a new bulb for different occasions. However, with this modular light bulb, that may no longer be the case.

“Lighting typically consists of two independent products: light bulb & light fitting performing one function. If you need more / less light, you buy a new bulb. If you get tired of the design, size or the way it directs light, you have to buy a new fitting. The result is always the same: wasted time, money and increased landfill,” according to the company via Kickstarter.

The design is quite unique, and because of that, it gives the user the ability to attach several bulbs together to create something wonderful. According to the creators, this lightbulb “is not fixed, or rigid, but fluid and able to evolve with the needs of the owner.”

Multiple Materials to Choose From

We understand that it takes mere seconds to assemble the light bulbs into a single entity that lights up any area. That’s because each bulb has a triangular shape, and due to the magnetic strips on the sides, it’s easy to click them together.

Not only that but depending on the design of your home, you could choose from several different materials more suited for your humble abode.

Right now, the options are birch, opal, copper, graphite aluminum, white al, rich oak, and shiny steel. The company might add more in the future, but that may depend on the success of its first run.

How Does This Thing Work?

Here’s what we know so far. Apparently, each bulb can power each other by just a simple touch, which is made possible by the patented Touch&Play technology.

The light itself is powered by a wired attachment or even a battery for those moments when the electricity is gone.

“We want to change the way people perceive those forgotten everyday utilitarian devices known as light bulbs. The installation and interaction is an experience in its own right – easy, pleasing and fun! Gone are the cables, jacks, manuals and all those jokes about screwing in a light bulb,” says the creators.

Overall, the Smartbunch modular light bulb is a remarkable creation that is currently gaining steam on Kickstarter. If you’re interested, go on ahead and show your support for a project that could become the future of light bulbs.