Advanced Technology Aims to Conquer 2018: Our Predictions

Technology is set to improve rapidly in the year 2018, and nothing is going to stop that. It’s been a long time since the tech world has truly wowed citizens of the world, but everything could change before 2019 comes around.

What I’m going to do here is try and predict what will happen in 2018 in terms of technology advancement. The prediction is based on actions taken by the industry over the past couple of years, and things we’ve seen happening tech companies doing and talking about.

Deep incorporated AI in Every Device

Apple got the artificial intelligence (AI) train moving in the right direction with the announcement of Siri. The company added it to the iPhone and it went on to force the likes of Google and Microsoft to do the same.

Amazon came on the scene with Alexa and completely took the market by storm, quickly becoming the tech giant with the most popular AI service.

Now, when we look at 2018, we can see a year where AI is becoming smarter and be doing more than just answering questions and giving directions. Expect to see a host of mobile devices with AI features for various tasks this year and beyond.

Xiaomi and Huawei are moving forward with adding artificial intelligence to their latest smartphones, the Mi Mix 2s, and the P20 series.

When taking a picture with these devices, AI can help select the right scene among other things. All of this is done automatically, therefore, users won’t have to get down into the nitty-gritty of things.

The Movement of Big Data and IoT

Here’s the thing, IoT and Big Data are quite useful in many tech areas, but what about autonomous vehicles?

With this addition, autonomous cars should be able to deliver real-time information and real-time situational awareness. If you thought the Uber self-driving vehicle accident that cost a woman her life would bring autonomous tech improvements to a half, well, think again.

It’s here to stay, and Big Data along with IoT will make things much better than they are now.

The Rise of the Machines

With artificial intelligence becoming smarter, it paves the way for the development of better robots for all type of situations. Keep an eye out for more businesses incorporating robots as an important aspect of the workforce that is designed to save money.

In the consumer space, house cleaning robots will get much better at their jobs, and with China wanting to become the leader in the AI world, be on the lookout for cheaper products.

Mixed Reality Surpasses Virtual Reality

We’re still working with the idea that virtual reality in its current form doesn’t have much of a future. However, when it comes down to mixed reality, that’s where the future looks the brightest.

Mixed reality will find itself in several industry areas. The ability to be at one spot while communicating with another employee face-to-face who’s in another area is quite cool. Furthermore, collecting and sharing data with colleagues should be a breeze.

We’ve seen what mixed reality is capable of, and certainly, it can make big changes in the workplace.