Audeara Is the First First Full-Fidelity Headphone With a Built-in Hearing Test

The market is overrun with headphones, each promising to deliver the best listening experience ever. For many users, they must turn up the volume on their music device to get the best possible sound from their headphone, but that could cause for long-term damage to their ears.

In a bid to combat this issue, an Australian company has created a headphone that is designed by doctors to make sure users never damage their ears. The headphone in question is called Audeara.

The device first came on the scene back in 2017 after a successful Kickstarter campaign that allowed the company to earn a massive $460,000.

Audeara is Finally Available

The product deemed as the world’s first full fidelity headphones with an in-built hearing test, is available now, finally. These headphones are capable of delivering superior sound that is like no other headphone on the market today.

The company says that everyone, today, tends to have a certain degree of hearing loss, which isn’t too surprising. We constantly listen to loud music, and we love to have earphones plugged into our ears on a regular basis.

Audeara went on to add that the number of young people suffering from some form of hearing loss is on the rise. Additionally, there are even folks in their early 30s who have a listening capability similar to that of a person in their 60s.

Because of this, the company, which once solely focused on medical devices two years ago, is now attempting to thrive in the commercial business as well. It’s all about helping folks improve how they listen to music, and this new headphone is the beginning of that journey.

Test Your Hearing with Audeara

Now, over a lifetime, the Audeara headphones can be used to test and retest hearing. Not only that, it can adapt the sound to the needs of any individual, making it much better to listen to their favorite tracks.

For Audeara, better doesn’t mean louder, and that’s something users will have to get used to.

Here’s the thing; the first time these headphones are worn, they’ll automatically provide a listening test, and from there, the results and subsequently stored inside of the product.

As time goes by, the device uses the stored information to adjust the sound to fit the user. You see, the system has the ability to adjust the right ear differently from the left ear, which is interesting because some folks hear best from a single ear.

“What makes the Audeara headphones especially powerful is that all the technology is inside the headphones themselves. After the first test, the app isn’t required again unless the user wants to retest. This means headphones are no longer passive magnets for signal conversion, instead, they’re sophisticated tools for ‘personalized’ sound reproduction,” according to the creators.

Let’s Talk About the Tech Inside Audeara

From what we’ve come to understand, the product takes advantage of a “software interface from a smartphone application to send Bluetooth commands to the onboard printed circuit board (PCB).”

By doing this, the device is able to generate the right tones and maintain consistency across any Bluetooth-powered machine.

After the user takes the hearing test, a modulation table is then applied. What this does is adjust all incoming musical signals to fit the requirement of the user.

Furthermore, rather than increase gain, the headphones use an attenuation model, a move that increases signal intensity without adding distortion to the sound.

Because the modulation table is stored on the headphone’s onboard PCB, the user only has to take the hearing test a single time for the device to apply it to any Bluetooth signal.

“The response from people who use the headphones for the first time is amazing. They’re usually overwhelmed at the difference in what they hear – and they wonder why they’ve been using off-the-shelf headphones for so long,” according to Dr. James Fielding, CEO of Audeara.

The headphone is available right now for the cool price of £299.99 here.