G Suite Users Can Now Enjoy the Updated Access Checker

When data backup became a vital tool in day-to-day activities, innovators rushed to device ultra-convenient ways to make the best out of it. Now Google is taking things a notch higher after updating its’ drive with via updated Access checker.

What this implies is that you can now share files with other users or groups (maximum 30).

The post read, “This launch respects the settings you’ve already chosen for sharing outside your domain, Access Checker, and Link Sharing Defaults. If you’ve chosen to limit Access Checker to recipients only, link sharing will not be suggested.”

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Creative Approach

In the latest update, users will be able to track movement of persons (email) restricted from accessing the email. Apart from this, ‘Access Checker’ will leave you a notification after sending an email, calendar invitation among other files.

According to reports, Google will retain some protocol. The procedure for opening or accessing files from shared links will entail going through a permission panel. Once you’ve input the information the admin will cloud will the verify for access.

Conveniently, Google drive provides for contact groups where firms can keep in touch with their team members. This is further enhanced by email addresses link.

The design of Access Checker is expected to blend in and enhance sharing with tools such as Slack. Slack is sort of Office online water cooler that makes it easy to share files since they are indexed. Furthermore, the update gives privilege to the corporate world. Now, businesses or firms on G Suite can manage their sharing capabilities among users.

When is Access Checker Available?

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Prior to this announcement, Google had launched Hangout Chat for G Suite back in February. The application enables users to text in discretion to other persons or groups. More so its anticipated that the update will be accessible in the coming weeks. However, the initial changes will feature on G Suite editions only.

Sweeping Move

In spite of this been a remarkable improvement, the update isn’t a far-fetched integration as it may sound. Before this public announcement, Google had incorporated Access Checker in Calendar and Gmail. In short, it’s about time it kicked in.

Capabilities of Google Drive

What started off a cloud platform for global consumers and enterprises is steadily spreading its wing. So far, the platform allows you to share of files not only to Google users but also non-Google users.

It’s more convenient for companies/firms or enterprises when it comes to shifting ownership. In case vacations, firing or change of admin, owners can seamlessly transfer ownership of documents.

When you get to G Suite you’ll notice three options: Business, enterprise and basic. The business level offers up to 30 gigabyte storage space whereas the other two have unlimited storage. Another good thing with Google drive is that its secure and protects data from malicious attacks.

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If you’ve been working on drive you may have noticed that you can download a full shared folder. That’s right, users are able to download as a Zipped folder. Additionally, users are able to retrieve Google Docs from Microsoft Office.


Google is heading direction as it works at adopting the best user experience will guaranteeing security. As of now just login your drive, if on G Suite, and check out the new update.