How to Convert your TV into a PC

A lot of people would love to watch their favorite Cooking show on TV and make the items they make except there is no TV in the kitchen or you can’t buy a TV for your kitchen but you could always keep a PC in your kitchen. It is small and compact and will fit in the corner of your kitchen without any problems. There may be several reasons as to why you might want a PC in your TV.

Source: tnwcdnWhatever the reason is, we will help you so that you can help yourself to get you a tv connection through your PC device. There are various apps available online where you can watch TV channels but most of them are paid and you might not get a regional channel if you wanted one.

Things You Will Need

  1. An old PC with at least 10 GB of free hard drive space available and the fast the processor speed the better. And if you want to record shows you better get a bigger hard drive space.
  2. A TV tuner or a USB TV tuner box or all-in-one graphics card.
  3. You must also have a software installed that will allow you to change channels and the sort. Most tuner cards come with the apps, so you will only need this in certain cases.

With these two things, you can build your very own computer at home.

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There are various graphics cards available for you to get for your computer. The best option you could go for is the ATI Radeon All-In-Wonder Card, this card is special because it is a graphics card and also has a TV tuner and also a video center to it. So, your choice of a graphics card should either this one or one similar to this one. If you cannot find a graphic like this one doesn’t worry you can do good with the TV tuner box.

What To Do

Step 1:

So, first what you must do to convert your PC into a TV is to either have the graphics card installed or else you can use the external TV tuner box with USB feature. So, install the graphics card or plugin the tuner to your PC through the USB port. The USB gives you a slower frame rate and lower resolution compared to the card choice.

But no matter which option you go for products that have remote controller with it. If you don’t have this, you can get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard to change channels otherwise you will have to go to the PC every time to change the channels. Both the options will give you a port for you to plug in your TV cable from the wall to this port. Most of the cards and tuner boxes come with the steps as to how to install the software needed. Every device has a different software install method.

Step 2:

Once all this is done you will have to go to the software that would be available in your start menu. You will have to give details about your Cable Service Provider and confirm a few audio settings and after this, the software will try and get the signals of all the channels you have subscribed for. The software all have the pause, record, and such controls with them making it extremely useful. So, if you have a party but have a show you want to watch don’t worry set the timer and put it for recording and you are all good to go.

This way you can watch all your shows on TV without a problem and you can also record and pause the TV and you are all good to go.