Cliff Bleszinski’s Radical Heights Is Decent, But Far From Ready

The newest game ready to take on the battle royale craze is a title known as Radical Heights, and it comes from the developer, Boss Key, and a man folks love to hate, Cliff Bleszinski.

After the fall of Lawbreakers, no one thought he would return this early with a new game, but he’s here.

OK, so after giving Radical Heights a short play-through, it’s clear the game is more geared towards the casual gaming market, the same as Fortnite Battle Royale. Don’t go in expecting a similar feel to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, because you’ll be disappointed.

The Graphics

The first thing you’ll notice about Radical Heights is the colorful graphics. The game is super bright, but unfortunately, not as detailed as Fortnite.

We suspect the reason for the cartoony graphics is to get the game out as quickly as possible, and for easier porting to mobile.

Hopefully, the graphics get an improvement in the near future because it’s 2018, which means, a PC game shouldn’t look like this.

Similar to Every Battle Royale Game Out There

A match begins with several players in a single space fooling around until the timer runs out. After that, the game begins with the player falling from the sky, but there’s no parachute or glider to soften your fall.

Boss Key decided to take a different approach by having the player fall to the ground without dying. Yes, there’s no fall damage in Radical Heights, therefore, it’s possible to fall from anywhere without worrying about dying.

As expected, health does not regenerate, so players must eat hamburgers or whip out a health kit to heal themselves. Furthermore, when players are down, they crawl around until they are given the final blow.

We mention that aspect because PUBG and Fortnite have both done the same thing. Now, it’s not a problem since it would allow players coming from those games to not have to learn the game in its entirety.

Acquiring Weapons is Quite Different

Unlike the other games in the same genre, loot in Radical Heights is sparse. You just won’t run around and find them laying around in every nook and cranny. Here, players must find cash registers, smash them to gain the cash inside.

When folks have accumulated enough money, it’s then time to buy weapons and cosmetics. Additionally, there quite a few ATM machines scattered across the game. The idea here is for players to deposit money earned into the ATM for use when the game and in future matches.

Bugs and More Bugs

Radical Heights is a buggy game with a lot of performance related access, but we can’t complain a lot since it’s in Early Access and free-to-play. Still, that shouldn’t be the reason for the plethora of issues we came across.

The first impression is a major factor towards success, and as it stands, Radical Heights failed in that regard.