5 Tech Products and Services We Can’t Live Without

There have been a lot of inventions made by humanity but all of them have been replaced and forgot with new and new technology coming in. What if we are to go back in time? Can we live our lives just the same? Well, maybe or maybe not but here we will count down 5 things that we will not be able to live without if we go back in time.


Woke is something that was completely non-existing in the 2007 but suddenly became known in 2008, when Merriam Webster added it into their dictionary. It has a meaning and no it is not the past tense of “wake”, but it has a deeper meaning to it which is “aware of and actively attentive to key facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)”.

But what does woke really mean? Well, it is simple. We all know how in the past people were discriminated and denied rights because of their color and background. And being “woke” is the term used for people who are aware of what is happening around them and knowing what is going on in their community.


Source: Airbnb

Airbnb is the nightmare and blessing of the hotel industry and is the revolution of the hotel industry just like how uber was the revolution to taxi services. Airbnb is an American company that helps you find hospitality service to lease or rent for a short-term period.

They rent all sorts of properties from apartments, holiday cottages, homestays, hotel rooms, and so much more. The best part is this is all done online, and you can book your wanted property in the luxury of your comfy sofa at home. It not just offers you the best accommodations around the world but also at a cheaper and more economical rate.


It has become the most used social + camera app in the world. Every 1 out 40 people use Snapchat on a regular everyday basis. That is 158 million people use Snapchat every day and they on an average open the app 18 times in one day. Snapchat is the one the thing most teenagers cannot live without, it is so common amongst the youngsters that you will find a handful who do not use the app.

From the moment they wake up, to their meals and to their day ending is posted as a snap story so that all their followers can see. It even shows the location of all your snap friends are. The app is said to have been created for nude-posts because no one could save the pics.


Source: Tesla

Tesla is said to be the future of supercars. Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla, Inc., had a dream of building cool looking superfast cars when he was a boy and when he grew up he did just that and with a little twist to it. He made the cars completely electric.

Tesla cars are said to be the future of supercars because it runs on electric and not organic fuel, Making it a one of a kind automobile company. Tesla, Inc. does have its difficulties recently, but most automobile experts say if they continue doing their best Tesla could be the future of the Automobile Industry.


Source: Digitaltrends

Apple took the world by surprise when they came out with the iPhone in 2007 and completely reshaped the world of mobile phones. After this, a lot of smartphones are coming and going but the one thing that has remained was the Apple iPad. Apple gave people a tablet with a power of a desktop machine, one that could be carried in your handbag.

The iPad is still one of the most bought technologies in the world. And the sales for the iPad has not dropped since its release in 2010 and to date is one of the most powerful tablets available and is also the most preferred tablet in the world.