New Sony Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones Come with Google Assistant

Sony has given few of the most amazing gadgets throughout time like their Vaio laptop range, Sony PlayStation, Sony Bravia TV range, etc. All sorts of home entertainment gadgets were given to us by Sony and all at an affordable price for all of us. And just like all those amazing gadgets, their music systems have also stood toe to toe with the top headphones and speaker brands like Boss, Polk Audio, Klipsch, etc. And it is the choice for most people because they offer so much for a very affordable rate, that most of everyone can buy. These products might be cheap, but they only offer high-quality products and I use a lot of Sony entertainment products at home.

In 2018, Sony came out to announce that this year they will focus on more wireless range of music systems and audio products and thus, they launch a new range of speakers, in-ear headphones, and open-ear headphones. These are all priced at an affordable price range and are top rate music systems available and are well worth the price. We are going to see these latest products, their features, and their price ranges.

Wireless Headphones

Each of these are top range product for their Price Range. The Price starts from Rs. 2,990 and go till Rs. 12,990. All of these are wireless and can connect through Bluetooth or NFC and each of them support Google Assistant as well, that’s even more impressive. They all have water resistance. But the WF-SP700N is the world’s first splash-proof headphones which has noise cancellation to it. All of them are pretty impressive for their price and give you way more specs compared to the other music systems you might get for that price. It has a 3-hour battery life, but it comes with an open charging case which extends the battery life to 9 hours. Each of these has a battery life from a minimum of 6 hours up to a whopping 20 hours.

Source: mikeshouts

List of New headphones:

They released a set of wireless in-ear and open-ear headsets and they are as follows: –

  1. WH-CH400 (Wireless Headphones) – Rs. 3,790.
  2. WH-CH500 (Wireless Headphones) – Rs. 4,990
  3. WI-C300 (Wireless In-Ear Headphones) – Rs. 2,990
  4. WI-SP500 (Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphones) – Rs. 4,990
  5. WI-SP600/WI-SP600N (Wireless In-Ear Sports Headphones) – Rs. 9,990
  6. WF-SP700N (Wireless Sports Headphones) – 12,990

Bass Speakers

These are all excellent speakers with Bluetooth and NFC connectivity for a one-touch connectivity. This makes it extremely easy to connect to the speakers. Not just easy connectivity but all three ranges come with an IP67 tested and certified waterproofing, dust proofing, and rust proofing. They feature various light on each of the three ranges. They offer up to 24 hours battery life except for the SRS-XB21 which has 12 hours. They are also claimed to have a wireless party chain, meaning you can link up to 100 speakers together.

Source: Sony

List of New Bass Speakers:

And for the speakers they released were as follows, it had three ranges coming in: –

  1. SRS-XB21 (Rs. 7,990)
  2. SRS-XB31 (Rs. 9,990)
  3. SRS-XB41 (Rs. 13,990)

These new Sony Music Systems are a definite buy for every Music lovers out there because of the world-class sound quality, price & features it adds on as a bonus.