Twitter DOWN – Social Network on the Fritz

Twitter is down across India, social network users have claimed. Thousands of Twitter users have reported a problem with the service.

Twitter is experiencing repeated server failures.

Mobile users have been left unable to refresh their Twitter timeline, or login to the service, with desktop users confronted with a warning that reads: “Something is technically wrong.

Source: DownDetector

As of 8:05PM IST, outage tracker shows a spike in twitter outage reports worldwide.

Users landed on a screen with a blue background carrying a graphic of a robot with a broken hand, indicating broken link.

A message on the website read: “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

Source: registered a peak of more than 7,000+ Twitter users reporting issues with the social networking giant.

The issue seems to be impacting the Twitter homepage, but some other pages remain unscathed. The developer dashboard is up and running, and it’s still possible to create applications. Tweetdeck is also good as new, and you can still access tweets through the Search page.

Our team has reached out to Twitter team and will update this post when we hear back. For the time being, maybe it’s time to get back to work—or just obsessively refresh Twitter until it comes back.

Update, 10:30am: The outages happening all around the world don’t appear to be having any negative impact on Twitter’s stock price. The company’s stock is up over 7 percent on the day, at least partly due to Morgan Stanley issuing a report that says Twitter is “improving user growth.”

Source: Twitter

Pretty hard to improve user growth when your service isn’t even working.

The social media giant Twitter is yet to officially announce the reason behind the global outage.