Core Mobile Gamers Drive PC Gaming In India

According to a recent report courtesy of the Confederation of Indian Industry and TechSci Research, the Indian gaming industry which was valued at 543 million dollars two years ago is now projected to grow at a rate of 6.61 per cent in value terms over the course of the next five years.

Source: The News Minute

At a value of $84.4 million, the computer gaming segment has accounted for a 15.54 per cent share within the local gaming market two years ago. It would seem the core gamers that do not intend to move to console gaming and make investments are currently driving the PC gaming market within India. In this scenario, global PC and printer major HP Inc. is attempting to anticipate consumer requirements and upcoming trends to introduce gaming PC technology which has the potential of disrupting the industry.

HP and Dell Heed Trends in India

HP Inc. with the ‘Omen’ series has grown into one of the leading PC brands in India. Encouraged by the feedback wrought, they only just introduced a remake of ‘Omen X’ gaming PC portfolio which provides best design, engineering and performance for the users. Clearly, there has been an increase in the level of popularity for online PC gaming because of the increasing interest of the gamers towards e-Sports and other competitive series. E-sports, for example drew 258 million unique viewers globally during the past year apparently and will allegedly top 2 billion dollars in revenue by the year 2021.

Source: South China Morning Post

Dell, sensing the opportunities to be had has also been strengthening its portfolio strength. According to the marketing director of Dell Consumer & Small Business, Ritu Gupta, the company had led the space with comprehensive and diverse product portfolio encompassing Inspiron and Alienware. Chandrahas Panigrahi, the Consumer Business Head of Acer, India was of the same idea and claimed a significant potential for gaming laptops in the country as the hardware components are becoming more powerful day by day and compact.

As such, newer hard ware technological developments are engaging the consumers with a more interactive and cinematic experience.  From a social point of view, the development in PC gaming can be attributed to increasingly liberal views by the maturing population in India which is willing to spend more on tech products including the latest PC’s and engage in new recreation habits.

Development of the Local Gaming Industry

The phenomenon in this case is of recent origin and should boom appropriately after a period of a few years. The most encouraging of every point is that foreign investors are perpetually showing interests in the development of the Indian gaming industry and this is just not from the point of outsourcing game testing to India.

Source: Android Headlines

These investors are from all over the world and see the market as ripe for monetizing for a great profitable venture. The comparative newness of the Indian gaming industry is still free from competition and high expectations and is more encouraging for the investors in the way they assess possibilities the industry holds in store.