God of War PS4: A Certain Character’s Death Will Bring Forth Ragnarok

SPOILER WARNING: Information below may spoil important story elements. Back away now if you're not interested in knowing before playing.

The new God of War game is no longer set in Greek mythology, but this time, it’s all about Norse mythology, the gods of the Vikings. It’s a refreshing change from the original outlook, and probably one of the few options the designers had since all of the Greek gods are dead.

In the new game, Kratos lives in the Norse world with his son, Atreus. He’s a single father who must teach his son on how to be a god. Not only that, Kratos must master the rage that caused the destruction of Olympus and the Greek lands.

We understand that Kratos is well aware of the Norse gods, and is doing his best to stay out of their way. However, the gods are also well aware of him and his past, and that’s something they do not wish to befall their lands.

It didn’t take long for Odin to send gods to apprehend and defeat Kratos, but then you get to realize that Odin, unknowingly to him, is putting the pieces in place to cause Ragnarok, and ultimately his own demise.

The Villain Baldur

OK, so Baldur, the god of light in Norse mythology, is the primary villain in God of War, and it makes perfect sense if you’ve kept up with your mythology as of late.

You see, in Norse mythology, Baldur is the son of Odin and Frigg. He’s said to be quite handsome to the point where he gives off light. All the gods love him due to his gracious and joyful nature.

However, one day Baldur began to have strange dreams that spoke of his death, and that’s a problem because another prophecy states that Baldur’s death is the harbinger of Ragnarok, the destruction of the gods.

With this in mind, his mother, Frigg, decided to travel the lands to gain oaths from everything that could harm her son.

She returned home, confident that he’s invincible, at which point, the other gods began throwing all manner of things at Baldur, and to their surprise, they bounce off without causing a scratch.

In the game, God of War, we get to see early on how impossible it was to kill Baldur. No matter what Kratos did, this man kept coming back for more because not only can he not die, he’s also unable to feel pain.

Death of Baldur

The death of the god of light is quite strange in Norse mythology. You see, Loki, the trickster god, saw an opportunity to cause some mischief. He approached Frigg and asked her if she managed to overlook any little detail during her quest to gain oaths to make her son invincible.

Not knowing what Loki was up to, Frigg let be known to him that she didn’t gain an oath from the mistletoe because to her, it’s small and harmless. Right away, Loki went and designed a spear with a mistletoe at the tip.

He then convinced Hodr, the blind god, to throw the spear at Baldur. Surprisingly, the spear pierced through his flesh, killing him on the spot.

The gods, realizing what they have done, sent one of their own to the underworld to retrieve Baldur from the death goddess, Hel. The plan failed, and as such, Ragnarok was not aborted, and all the gods fell.

Will the Same Happen in God of War?

Well, we’ve seen where the magic that protects Baldur was removed by a mistletoe, which made it possible for him to feel pain, and to be killed. This is sign enough that Baldur was under protection, therefore, it’s safe to say Kratos is the cause of Ragnarok, and the Norse gods only have themselves to blame.