Excel Medical Debuts FDA-Cleared Patient Surveillance Known as ‘Wave’

While death is a natural part of life, it is important for certain institutions to do everything possible to avoid unexpected deaths from occurring.  This is where Excel Medical has taken up the gauntlet by using patient surveillance and predictive analytics technology to eradicate deaths occurring unexpectedly in hospitals.  Already having AlarmView and TeleTrend apps in their arsenal, the addition of the Wave platform will offer predictive algorithms to those who use Epic’s EHR (Electronic Health Record).

Source: healthcareitnews.com

Excel Medical’s Mission

Before going into the importance of their new app, it is important to appreciate and understand what Excel Medical is hoping to accomplish.  Although hospitals have several issues that need to be taken care of, one is how to prevent the passing of a patient due to unexpected circumstances; this is what Excel Medical is hoping to achieve.  Considering that the nation’s third most deadly killer is deaths occurring unexpectedly that could have been prevented, it is understandable why they wanted to get involved.

FDA Approves the Wave

Writer Bill Siwicki reported recently in Healthcare IT News that Excel Medical has debuted Wave, which is a predictive algorithm and patient surveillance platform that the FDA cleared in Epic’s App Orchard.  The platform is now available through the already existing vendor’s TeleTrend and AlarmView apps within the app store; the opening occurred in 2017.  According to Excel Medical, both apps allow hospital information systems to an actionable process through predictive analytics.

According to the chief strategy officer at Excel Medical, Mary Baum, “being in App Orchard is not only a game changer for Excel – by integrating our predictive analytics into Epic – but more important, it opens the doors to improved patient surveillance for clinical care teams.  Wave, via TeleTrend and AlarmView, brings 95 percent positive predictive value into the early detection of at-risk patient deterioration.”

More data on this appears in the British Journal of Anaesthesia in the form of a professional journal article that is titled, “Integrated Monitoring and Analysis for Early Warning of Patient Deterioration.”  The company said the Wave predictive algorithm and patient surveillance platform originally received clearance from the FDA back in January of this year.  The company has been focusing to maximize their impact through organizational augmentation, new relationships and a renewed dedication to the mission of the company, which is to eradicate unexpected passing’s within hospitals.

Source: healthcareitnews.com

Excel Medical Looks Toward the Future

According to the vendor, the goal as now been upgraded to accessible through tapping into Epic’s standards-based, open interoperability platform.  Meanwhile, at the same time, leveraging a widespread data generating infrastructure (BedComm and BedMasterEx solutions) that Excel has initiated already in numerous hospitals.

Hopefully, Excel Medical will eventually increase their percentage from ninety-five to as close to one-hundred percent as possible.  Nevertheless, Excel Medical appears to be more than satisfied with their user interface and working relationships with their hospital EMR partners.  President of Excel Medical, Lance Burton said that “to be effective at predicting patient deterioration and catastrophic events, it is vital that we have close working relationships with all of our hospital EMR partners.  In working with Epic, we have been very pleased with their responsiveness and the simplicity of the resulting user interface.”