M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Ear-Buds: Does the Sound Match the Looks?


I tend to deliver while listening to music. The playlist is carefully selected to match the task at hand. In M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Earbuds I have a workhorse that sees me through the hard working hours.

To enjoy the divinity brought about by music, I need to eliminate unsolicited background noises. On my otolaryngology-ear doctor recommendations, raising of my gadget volume and pushing objects deep into the ear channel is not an option. So where does that leave me then?

In M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Earbuds you have a device that entwines artistry with sound functionality in a single unit.

M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Ear-Buds Source: Amazon.com

Product Description Through the Eyes of the Manufacturer

What’s in a name? I would say everything! The M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Earbuds sticking true to its hyped name is crafted from toptier metal to guarantee longevity. It features a 47inch long copper cable and a goldplated standard 3.5mm jack.

Needles to point out that the M champagne gold angle wired earbud would be compatible with a wide range of the device. Laptop, MacBook, Android smartphone, iPhone, iPad, the MP3 player you name it.

M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Ear-Buds Source:Amazon.com

The soft earbuds come in three different silicone tips sizes to enhance custom fit. With a neat fit, you will passively be canceling unsolicited background noise while you rock your head to your favorite tunes.

The icing on the cake is the remote function. Control your track list and respond to calls without wiping out your phone.

You have got nothing to lose by ordering this gadget. If you don’t like the highs and the lows produced by this device, you have a 30 days money back guarantee. Check it out here

M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Ear-Buds Sound Quality

Personally, I think this is where it matters most. Forget the technicalities and the engineering of the device.

It’s a matter of plugin it in and getting the real taste of the sound. The sound of the music is full. That kind of feeling you get when you have the over the ear gadgets. Like earlier pointed out you will have to play different genres of music as your yardstick.

M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Ear-Buds Source:Amazon.com

The manufacturer claims of external noise annulment is a fact to a greater extent. By passively canceling noise rather than actively, occasional ambient noise is bound to crop up in heavily compressed tracks.

Listening to Boyz II Men – End of the Road the vocal was natural and the acoustic balance was right on point. I have to say the bass was ripe and full when Mike McCary hits his lines.

Bottom Line

The M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Ear-Buds is a headphone that is soft and comfortable to your ear canal. It would allow you to listen to HD sound quality without the extra baggage of listening fatigue.

Boasting of passive noise cancellation and a remote functionality making it would certainly make an ideal gift pack. The M Champagne Gold Angle Wired Ear-Buds is a worthy consideration for a budget audiophile-grade in-ear headphone.

For USD $14.99, you can get your hands on the M Champagne Gold in-ear headphone from Amazon here.