Review: Nulock Smart Lock with Alarm for Bike

The National Bike Registry statistics indicate a whopping 1.5 million cases of bike theft annually. The Nulock Smart Lock with Alarm is designed to deter such kind of ugly incidences.

The increased popularity of cycling for leisure and sports activities have exposed bikes to easy theft targets. As aptly observed by Saint Jerome, the scares of victims of bike theft ought to act as lessons of caution for a cyclist.   

One tried and tested way of achieving this is by keeping your ride under lock and key. The Nulock smart lock makes it even better by getting rid of the key. Saving you the agony of mining through a bunch of keys at best and at worst searching for misplaced keys.

Product Description

Nulock Smart Lock

When you order for Nulock keyless Bluetooth lock, this is what you get:

  • Outstanding hardware: Nulock comes with 31 or 47 inches long cable version or 31 inches long chain version. For cable ones, it is 0.4 inches in diameter and made of 7 braided steel cable (each is made of 19 thin braided steel).  The steel braid is insulated with a polyvinyl chloride band-an added layer of security. The appearance is a mark of concerted craftsmanship.
  • Remarkable software application: I am not here to hold a brief for The Nulock smart lock. Nevertheless, the smart lock sticks true to its hyped name of being smart. A Bluetooth lock that can communicate with your phone. A flick reflection of the definition of ‘Internet of Things.’ It supports both the Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Deter alarm feature: thieves snipping through the locked highgrade steel cable is a possible occurrence. The makers of Nulock smart lock are very much alive to this. Incorporated in the Nulock smart lock is an inbuilt speaker with the ability to produce 110db sound to scare away the intruders. With vibration alarm set up in the app and the owner is not nearby, it will just send off one beep warning if someone touches it accidentally. If the movement continues in 5 seconds, then the alarm will continue for 30 seconds. If the owner is nearby with Bluetooth connected, the alarm will be kept silent by default.
  • A small size screwdriver is required to unlock the battery compartment which is included in the package. The Nulock smart lock is powered by
    three ‘triple A’ batteries which last for 8 months use (based on every day open twice). Low battery indicator in the app will warn you low battery when power is less than 20%.
  • Resilient lock that would take water splashes and still optimally function. The locks comes with an IP44 rating. Go ahead and lock it under the raindrops.

Powered by Nulock App

For starters, the Nulock smart lock is Bluetooth lock. In order for it to function, you will have to download an app that goes by the name Nulock. Two versions exist to cater for both Android and iOS users.

Nulock Smart Lock

It’s a paltry sized software of about 3.3 MB. So phone storage capacity shouldn’t hold you back. A thin line separates the mobile apps interfaces for android and apple devices. This review focuses on Android.

Easy to install and use the App. To get started you will need to pair your device. Rest password and if you are into naming devices go ahead and christen your lock.

What I love about the app it’s the coalescing of the security features into a single unit. From the mobile app, you have access to the battery level of the Nulock smart lock

Besides the unlocking feature, you have the vibration feature. This to me was the cherry on the cake. Select this feature for motion sensitivity. unwelcome constant attempts to move the lock outside the Bluetooth range will set off the 110db alarm.

Nulock Smart Lock Potential Deal Breakers

I am knocking off a star for the Nulock smart lock since no alert is sent to your phone if the alarm goes off beyond the Bluetooth range, you have to rely on cellular data to send you an alert which involves data service and power consumption.

The constant beeping sound whenever you lock and unlock the device is an ear irritant. Looking forward to a software upgrade. Until then, fourstar it is for Nulock smart lock with alarm.

A Product Worth Your Dime

Nulock Smart Lock

Let’s take heed of Saint Jerome advice. Learn from the scars of the over 1.5 million bike theft cases and exercise caution by securing your bike with the Nulock smart lock with alarm. Minimized risks that come with misplaced keys and forgotten number combinations.

Right now Nulock is at $39.99~44.99 in Amazon. For Sanvada Tech readers, you can save 15% by applying the coupon code “NUCHARGE” (expires June 17, 2018 Father’s Day) for your purchase. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a secured bike.