DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight – Review


A tactical flashlight is one of the most underestimated self-defense tools that you could carry. DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight for its price range and what it offers, I am of the opinion that it’s punching above its weight.

Fivesixths of your senses is perceived by your sight and almost half of violent cases take place at the cover of darkness. Needless to point out that your vision is limited to the aforementioned hours.

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As a self-defense tool, DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight serves to identify possible threats using its bright 1000 Lumens lights and temporary disorient the threat by blinding its vision. Take advantage of the ruggedly constructed hard anodized aluminum bezel as an improvised striking tool.

For the record, I would wish to categorically state that DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight is a budget generic flashlight. The law of natural justice consequently demands that it’s rated among its peers.

What’s in the DOCUCOCO LED box?

The DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight package comes with: Two DOCUCOCO Led Tactical Flashlight, two triple ‘A’ battery holders and two plastic 18650 battery tubes. It’s worth to note that batteries aren’t provided.

Product Description

  • 5 special light modes: (high/ middle/low/ strobe/ SOS). With the strobe mode in action, your opponent is bound to experience the Bucha effect. That is the temporary disorientation that you would experience when a sudden bright light is saturated on your eyes in the dark. Make use of the SOS mode as a distress signal.
  • Small and lightweight: weighing a paltry 7.04 ounces the DOCUCOCO Led Tactical Flashlight should easily fit in your hands or pocket.
  • IPX6 waterproof rating: designed to take rain splashes as well as withstand corrosion. Nevertheless, it’s not submersible in water.
  • Ruggedly constructed with anti-slip design: hard anodized aluminum crafted body to withstand the action that your flashlight is bound to take.
  • Shock resistant. Though this feature should be approached with caution since the degree of resistance hasn’t been specified.
  • Versatility: a zoomable beam that can be adjustable up to a distance of about 660 feet. To put that into perspective, we are looking at a distance of light over two football pitches.

Checking the Minimum Standard Boxes

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With over 100 models of tactical flashlights to choose from in the market, there are few basic minima that any tactical flashlight worth its salt should possess. It ought to be simple to operate, have at least 120 lumens of light output, waterproof, ruggedly constructed and feature LED bulbs.

Putting the DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight to scale, it checks all the aforementioned boxes. The choice of led over incandescent bulbs is a testament to longevity and energy efficiency.

Dropping of the flashlight shouldn’t be a cause for alarm. The absence of filaments makes LED more resistant to drops.

The Proof of The Pudding

I might lack objective parameters to put to taste the claims of the DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight in terms of the lumen, brightness shock, and water resistance. Nevertheless, for the beam distance, the DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight did project over two football pitches.

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For brightness and lumens, saying it gets the job done suffices. I must admit this is highly subjective due to lack of a gold standard at my disposal to put the tactical light to taste.

Inside Information

I am of the view it was an oversight not to include a lanyard attachment. A simple but effective accessory that could free your hands when never necessary. The absence of a ‘memory feature’ to keep track of your last light mode setting makes me knock off a star of an otherwise well thought of budget flashlight.

Final Call 

For a budget tactical flashlight, DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight is more than worth its weight in gold. The functionality of DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight is satisfactory compared to some of the highend tactical flashlights.

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DOCUCOCO LED Tactical Flashlight retails for USD $ 15.99 from Amazon. This comes with a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Oder your piece and share the experience of a flashlight designed primarily for discipline forces that readily finds applicability as a self-defense tool for ordinary civilians.