Will Artificial Intelligence Uncover Alien Intelligence?

What keeps scientists apart is their capacity to think beyond perceived boundaries – like in this case where they are considering ways in which artificial intelligence could assist us to discover alien intelligence. And the best part is, the concept is very logical, despite the fact that it may sound nutty, or as if the researchers are being over-ambitious.

But even with that said, here is the fact: researchers have since time in memorial believed in the existence of extraterrestrial beings. Meaning the search for alien traces is nothing new, in fact, a certain group of experts says they are waiting for replies to messages they sent to channels they discovered — believed to be linking to aliens, somewhere in space.

Is AI Proving the Existence of Aliens?

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Nope, and that needs to come out clear here, all along scientists has been trying to confirm whether extraterrestrial beings really do exist, but according to a recent research published on The Conversation, we are past that. A team of experts is now after uncovering alien intelligence.

Jill Tarter, one of the active researchers mentioned in the publication says most times SETI (Search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence,) focused on trails left by aliens (trying to hack their communication on radio transmission). But in the new approach, this will revolve around unmasking how these beings, thought to be super-intelligent think, behave, correlate and so on, using the power of algorithms in AI technology.

Intelligence in its Different Forms and Shapes

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It’s becoming clear that besides human intelligence, there are countless other forms of intelligence co-existing around us which dilutes the thought that we are the only rational life in existence.

That is, from the least expected; birds prove to be smart by constructing nests with a special design, lining it with soft material and placing it far from the adversary. The parrot, also nicknamed as the biological CCTV (because it can’t keep a secret) imitates human language with ease, monkeys, on the other hand, know the animal foreign to their team, or isolates from those coming from the other side of the river.

Talking of alien intelligence, it shouldn’t particularly be confined to replicate human intelligence, it could resemble a spider which harvests information from its web signals or a bat which, despite being blind, does maneuver in a dark forest, depending on echo and invisible waves. Adding to that extraterrestrial intelligence might be similar to machine intelligence, or on the contrary, nothing close to anything we know. That’s why limits on what exactly alien intelligence needs to be lifted off.

In fact, at the beginning of this year, a workshop named Decoding Alien Intelligence was held, where AI researchers, astronomers, anthropologists and other experts from a SETI  institute based in Silicon Valley gathered to redefine intelligence in relation to aliens — pushing the perimeter beyond the human brain to accommodate other versions of intelligence.

Where AI Meets Alien Intelligence

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Having more than $125 million in funds meant to further AI research, Silicon Valley’s SETI Institute is partnering with IBM, NASA, Intel and other big fish companies in this tech to enhance space research, in a program christened Frontier Development Lab.

The institute’s approach is that machine learning can be used to spot any set of patterns or data that could define a functional system, without prior records of anything close to that. A process that might as well be called signal agnostic searching.

More to this the experts say we don’t have to be really smart to discover other forms of intelligence above us, we can create software that can think on our behalf to unleash traces of alien intelligence, which is where more solid research could be built upon.  At the institute Martin Rees, an astrophysicist said, “there could be intelligence somewhere that is beyond our intellect, the same way we are smarter than other beings.”

After We’ve Discovered Extraterrestrial Intelligence

What happens after we’ve decoded alien intelligence, that’s another emerging question. However, a section of big thinkers sees that question as more of a solution than a problem. They think the same AI that helped us uncover extraterrestrial intelligence will be key in initiating communication between the two forms of intelligence (human and alien).

On the other hand, some scientists think the alien form of intelligence might redefine our technology, such that we’ll be able to understand the space deeper and broader, maybe using alien wisdom.