Top Android P Features, Android Dashboards

Google biggest event, the Google I/O 2018 has brought us many surprises this year. However, keeping up with the Android updates, Google has launched the preview version of the Android P whose name is yet to be confirmed in the coming months by Google. What do you think the ‘P’ might be?

Unlike the previous times, this time Google has made the preview version available for many devices like OnePlus 6, Nokia 7 Plus, Mi Mix 2S, and all the other Google Pixel devices. It’s great that other smartphone users can also experience the Preview version other than the Pixel owners.

So what are the best and newly found features in the Android P? Here’s a list of all the new features that we found. Unfortunately, not all of these would make it to the final release but here they are.

Instant App Rotation

We have been struggling in this part for a long time. But say no more, with the Android P, you get a quick rotation button to right side of your navigation bar. So, when you actually want your phone to be in portrait mode always and you do want to watch a video full-screen, you can just tap on the switch in your nav bar and your phone shifts to landscape mode.

Source: right-brothers

Gesture Navigation

There are some cool new gestures which seem to have been inspired by the iPhone X. But some of these work better than it works on the iPhone X. Not all the preview eligible phones have these enabled by default. You might have to go to Settings and enable them.

Instead of having three buttons like the traditional system, we now have a single pill-shaped button which will let you navigate with different gestures similar to that of the iPhone X.

One of the best gesture is the quick swipe on the home pill button which will take you back to the last app you were using. It’s even better than the old double-tap the overview button gesture.

Adaptive Battery Feature

We can see the figures of how much time is left for our smartphone to die in the battery settings. However, it was never accurate and we can’t really trust it. Well, here’s what adaptive battery feature comes to work. It analyses how you use your smartphone and will give you the estimated leftover time for you so that you can plan on the charging sequence.

Volume Controls

Volume settings and controls are another such things Android is yet to have a balance on. With the Android P, we now have a different control over volume settings. The physical buttons just control the media volume and there’s a button on the top of the slider to switch through loud, DND, and silent mode. You have to click on the settings icon to change the other volumes such as ringer and alarm volume. But, wouldn’t it be better if Android allows us to set different volumes for apps?

Shush – New DND Mode

With the new Shush mode, all you have to do is, turn your phone screen-down on a flat surface to enable Do Not Disturb mode. This will again be based on your preferences so that you can allow calls and notifications from certain people.

Alternatively, you click the power and volume up button simultaneously to turn off the ringer. There’s also a new DND mode called Wind Down along with Shush. With the Wind Down, your device enters DND when the light gets dark and it’s your bedtime. It also turns your display into grayscale for your eyes well-being.

Android Dashboard and App Timers

The new Android Dashboard allows you to keep a check on yourself of how much time you are spending on your phone. It will also show you the amount of time you spent on different apps and number of times you have unlocked your phone.

The new YouTube app will also notify you when you spend a lot of time watching videos asking if you want to take a break. It seriously is difficult to keep track of time when you are watching YouTube, isn’t it?

Source: Android Police

The App Timer in the Android P allows you to set a timer for particular apps you think you are spending a lot of time on. After you run out of time, the app icon turns into gray notifying you that you have exceeded your time limit.

Text Selection Magnification

After all these years with Android, we now finally have the text-selecting magnification box. When you start moving within a text, there will be magnification box right above the text. It’s all easy!

What are your favorite Android P features? Let us know in the comments!