Android Made Easier with Tasker App

We Android users expect less from our device and get a lot out of it. All thanks to the flexible OS, we can tune it according to our preferences and do a lot more than we just think. And with the Tasker app and the OS flexibility, we can get a lot of automation options for our smartphone.

Source : Google Play

Even though the Tasker app is more like a task automation app, the people who have experience with Android developing might see it as an Android Programming app. It lets you create tiny apps which help you with the automation.

Here, we are going to guide you through the usage of the Tasker App. It’s easy to learn about the app even though it seems very complex. Just by using the app yourself, you will learn about the app yourself.

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Main terms that are used in Tasker

  • Action – it contains over 200 actions that are executed by your device.
  • Task – It is a group of tasks. They can be linked to a certain context or just be a standalone task.
  • Context – It is the situation which will trigger the execution of the tasks when the situations are met.
  • Profile – It is a set of linked task or tasks. There can be any number of contexts in a single profile.
  • Variable – It’s an unknown value that can change over a time. Example, your phone’s battery percentage.
  • Scene – It is a custom-made user interface. You can create your own layouts like buttons and a lot more.
  • Project –  It is a group of profiles, tasks, scenes, and variables. Every project has its own tab with the name of the project that you give to it. You can also export and import projects.

The best part is that you can also share your tasks with other via an XML file which they can import in their device and start using the tasks.

What kind of tasks can you perform in Tasker?

Let us consider that you first choose a simple task such when your phone’s battery is fully charged. With that condition, you can bind up that task to an action such as the phone speaking out to you that your phone is fully charged. It will only speak out when the phone’s battery is fully charged.

Source : Google Play

What modifications can you do to this task?

You can make this above task more complex by adding more conditions like setting up a time period, only between certain days and as such.

The above-given example is just for you to process how the app works and is just a small example what the app can do. There are many other different conditions from which you can choose from. Also, there are over 200 built-in actions that you can perform with the conditions.

The conditions, contexts as displayed in the app are categorized into many sections. Namely Applications, Day, Event, Location, State, and Time. With these contexts, you can set up a lot of conditions that relate to many aspects of your phone. You can set up conditions with a lot of contexts such as when the display is on or off, you get a missed call or an SMS failed to send, a particular file was opened or modified, you arrive at a certain location, you connect it over USB, and many others.

These conditions which are 1 to 4 in number, when tied to a task are stored as something called profiles. These profiles are interlinked to the tasks that you want to run in as a response to the conditions you have chosen.

Tasker is also capable of performing multiple actions that are grouped into one task, which will be triggered when the conditions are running. Importing other actions that have something to do with the alerts, beeps, audio, display, location, media, settings, like to make an app open or close, send a text, and much more can also be done within the app.

Source : Google Play

When you have created a particular profile, you have all the control over it. You can disable and enable it any time you want. Again, disabling the profile you want will not affect the other profiles that you have activated. If you want to turn off all the tasks all at once, you can just turn off Tasker with a single tap and turn it back on is also easy.

So, this is how using Android is made easier with Tasker Android app. Let us know your favorite features and tasks in the comments section.