How To Get PIP in Chrome

With the developing video and audio streaming services, we do get some profound thoughts on how they should be made. Little later but finally, developers have heard us and gave the PiP, Picture in Picture mode in the latest Android Oreo. Okay, Android made that wish come true; but what about PC users?

We do have that urge to use PiP mode on our browser while watching some YouTube and other videos online. Well, as it was first introduced in Android Oreo, we have been hearing a lot about it making into other Google products.

Although we have recently seen YouTube desktop trying out PiP mode, it is yet to roll out. Anyway, for the people who didn’t get the PiP mode on YouTube, you can download an extension called YouTube PiP to make that happen.

Download YouTube™ Picture in Picture (Beta)

Here, we are going to guide you through for getting PiP mode in your browser, and it is for any video streaming service you use. But before, remember that you’ll need another browser other than your Chrome called Chrome Canary.  Below is the process.

How to get PiP in Google Chrome Desktop

  • First, you need to download and install Google Chrome Canary on your Windows or MacOS

Download Chrome Canary for Windows and MacOS

Source: Sanvada
  • Now, enter chrome://flags in the URL bar and enable the below-mentioned flags.
  • #enable-experimental-web-platform-features
  • #enable-surfaces-for-videos
  • #enable-picture-in-picture 

    Source: Sanvada

The above flags will be listed in available Experiments section and you will have to enable them separately.

  • Now, after you have successfully enabled the flags, click on Relaunch Now button on the same page so that your Chrome Canary browser restarts.
  • Next up, you need to download a ZIP file and extract it. Below is the file you need to download.

Download Picture-in-Picture extension.ZIP

  • After you download the ZIP file, extract and come back to Canary.
  • Now, in the URL search bar, enter chrome://extensions and turn on the Developer Mode from the toggle in the top right corner of the screen.

    Source: Sanvada

Now you are almost halfway through to get the PiP mode in your Chrome Canary browser.

  • After you have turned on the Developer Mode, you will see the extensions that are listed in the Developer Mode. Now, click on the Load Unpacked button on the top left corner of the extensions screen that is displayed.
  • Now, a dialogue box will appear in which you need to navigate to the folder that you just extracted and select the /src folder from that directory. Just click on Ok after selecting and you are done.

    Source: Sanvada
  • The Picture-in-Picture mode will now be enabled in your browser.

So, as you now know what do, we are yet to know when these flags will be rolled out in the stable version as a default setting. For now, you can only get this feature in the Google Chrome Canary.

Now in a different role, if you are looking to get this feature on your Android, you can at least get the PiP mode for YouTube by applying mods to your current app. However, that will need your device to have root access. So, to make things easier, there is this modded app called OGYouTube through which you can use PiP mode.

Download OGYouTube

With this app, you also get extra features to play only audio and also download a video in different resolutions including only audio.

If you don’t want to use this third-party app which is not available on Google Play Store, I suggest you wait for the official Android Oreo 8.0 update from your smartphone maker. This update will unlock the PiP mode for you.

But there’s a catch, even after this update, you need to have YouTube Red subscription in order to run YouTube app in PiP mode. So, to make things right, the update instead lets you use YouTube and other video services in Google Chrome browser on your Android device.

Even though we now have the official PiP mode update, we are yet to see features like playing only audio through YouTube also while your phone is locked. We certainly think we might not see that feature because it outruns the YouTube policies.

Anyhow, that is how you can enable PiP mode on your PC and Android device. What other features do you think will make the user experience better? Let us know in the comments section below.