Lucidworks and Commvault’s Partnership Will Bring New Innovations in AI

Companies today are looking for ways to stand out from their competition and utilizing artificial intelligence is one of the tools that will help.  However, even figuring out the most creative ways to use this technology may not be enough; so, some companies have decided to combine their resources with another that seek a common goal.  This is what happened over the weekend as it was reported that Lucidworks and Commvault have formed a partnership with the goal of bringing new innovations in AI.


According to albawaba’s website, it was reported on Sunday that Commvault and Lucidworks formed a partnership with the purpose of bring new innovations in artificial intelligence. The two companies are known for their work with advances in technology and organizations that come onboard will benefit in a variety of ways.

Combining Two Leaders in Their Fields

When two companies decide to form a partnership, the result is usually beneficial to the partners as well as to potential clients.  Commvault is known as a global leader in enterprise with archive, recovery, backup and the cloud while Lucidworks is known as a leader in artificial intelligence powered discovery and search.  Now, the companies can start collaborating to bring to AI new innovations that can be used in the rapidly evolving protection and data backup market.  


Organizations will benefit from the combination of powerful backup and data protection will artificial intelligence technology capabilities in a variety of ways.  The convergence will help organizations increase their finding of important data throughout their data assets, which will result in intelligent data experiences that influences insights for gains in risk mitigation, productivity, information governance and more business agility.

Today’s Organizations are Caught in a Perfect Storm

There is a lot going on with organizations and businesses that are converging that can best be described as the perfect storm.  Virtualization and Cloud adoption has moved information across an increased number of devices and each device must be protected to keep business and data resiliency. 

Considering that unstructured information is growing exponentially, the volume and complexity of that information will often bring huge hidden potential of value that is unrealized; this can also bring significant risk potential.  The most effective way to derive insight out of information at scale, optimal value and assist in driving digital transformation is through new innovations in machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and through searching.

Will Hayes, the CEO of Lucidworks, said that our innovative capabilities in AI, machine learning, and cognitive search are a perfect complement to expand on Commvault’s analytics offerings and leading data platform to give customers a finely tuned IT environment for the modern business.  With the integration of Lucidworks technology into Commvault software, customers will gain valuable insights from their data to make better strategic decisions for the business, while having the peace of mind knowing their IT infrastructure is protected and always self-learning to improve internal processes and drive increased efficiency.


Lucidworks and Commvault plan on creating new products which will utilize AI to assist in remediation and identify sensitive information, automate workflows and apply data policy to enforce and enable data processes as well as policies.  N. Robert Hammer, CEO, chairman and president at Commvault said that we are excited to extend on our vision and commitment around data protection with innovations in AI to provide our customers with powerful simplicity to drive their corporate strategies.  With today’s partnership, we will be able to expand our analytics capabilities based on Lucidworks innovative AI and machine learning technologies integrated into the Commvault Data Platform. As a combined offering, we will enable enterprises to be more progressive with their data and leverage it as a key strategic asset for driving digital transformation, managing risk, and achieving desired business results with better access to the right information.

The result of the new products will hopefully allow clients to close gaps in the process and get rid of several niche tools that are normally associated with the many phases of risk management, information management and discovery.