New Center for Health Innovation Opens by the AHA

The healthcare industry is continuing to push for new innovations of technology that will be beneficial to patients, doctors, hospitals and providers.  Since health systems will need assistance in understanding and applying these upcoming changes, organizations will need to step-up by providing ways to make these transitions as easy as possible.  The American Hospital Association (AHA) has taken such a step with their announcement of opening a new center for health innovation.

AHA Opens Center for Health Innovation

According to a recent article, the American Hospital Association has announced they have opened a new center designed for health innovation; this project will hopefully give resources to inpatient providers in coping with the quick changes occurring throughout healthcare.  Officials have stated that the center’s goal is more than assisting health systems respond and manage these changes, but to allow them to take advantage of these innovations in a proactive manner.

The news is considered as a welcome coincidence with the ongoing focus of innovation this month of HIMSS Media.  Their initiative is meant to help navigate for health systems the complex imperatives of care that are value-based with cyber-security assistance, new ideas, market intelligence and more.

Areas of Focus for The Center for Health Innovation

The AHA is hopeful that the center will be able to be successful in many areas.  According to officials of the American Hospital Association, the focus of the center’s work will begin with providing new leadership for development support, market intelligence and enabling strategic partnerships (both outside of healthcare and within it). 

Among the center’s specific opportunities, the center will assist hospital decision-makers understand their impact on the bottom line and care delivery as well as give regular updates to the health systems that includes their perspective on many of the seismic forces that are reshaping healthcare.

Another focus is the AHA Innovation Challenge, which is designed to assist in finding and promoting new initiatives that are successful by convening thinkers that are creative, utilizing their ideas and then scaling up the technologies that is created by everything. 

The AHA will also focus and maintain another area in healthcare that innovation is occurring rapidly, which is cyber threats.  AHA as part of their efforts with security will allocate access to hospitals resources designed to assist bolstering their IT environments in keeping ahead of cyber threats that are emerging, assess risks and detecting vulnerabilities.

AHA is utilizing their Innovation 90 Boot Camps by offering a three-month coaching program that will help hospital leaders become familiarized with the various new innovation frameworks that are being utilized throughout industries, such as iterative prototyping, design thinking, agile development and more. 

AHA CEO Rick Pollack said in a statement that innovation isn’t limited to Silicon Valley.  Hospitals and health systems across the country have been incubators of innovation. The center will help us disseminate what is working, as well as test new ideas to improve outcomes and increase value and affordability.