Full Scale 750 MPH Passenger Capsule Unveiled by Hyperloop Company

While technology is currently making improvements in areas such as in the healthcare system, advancements are also happening in transportation.  Trains, for example, have been used to reach destinations that are both close and far away.  However, it still takes a long time to reach destinations that are a far distance away; however, a Hyperloop company has recently unveiled a full-scale passenger capsule that can reach speeds of up to seven-hundred-and-fifty-miles-per-hour.

Source: usatoday.com

The Next Evolution in Transportation

Looking back at the history of trains, each new advancement in technology and engineering would seem that it couldn’t get any better than what was currently being used.  Today, another evolution is currently underway that the trains of today will become something entirely different tomorrow; enter the hyperloop.  Picturing it as a train, it is much smaller and extremely fast; however, it is not a train but referred to as a passenger capsule.

While many companies are in competition in perfecting this mode of transportation, writer Chris Woodyard from USA Today reported recently the announcement of a company that showcased their first full-scale hyperloop capsule that has been named the Quintero One.  This hyperloop system is being designed for a passenger capsule to transport people from one city to the next through tubes at an incredible speed.

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, which is based in Los Angeles, revealed their capsule that has been designed to transport thirty to forty passengers to their destination.  Many people attended the presentation at the Carbures Plant in El Puerto de Santa Maria in Spain of their hyperloop passenger capsule.  This impressive hyperloop will be the first passenger capsule that will have the ability to transport passengers to their destinations at speeds that average up to seven-hundred-and-fifty-miles-per-hour.

Source: Fortune.com

Hyperloop to Compete with High-Speed Airlines and Trains

According to Ahlborn, he predicts that the capsule would be able to travel great distances at high speeds, which would cut down tremendously on time of arrival.  Picture traveling over four-hundred-miles, the distance from Los Angeles to San Francisco, within thirty-six minutes; the capsule would magnetically levitate inside a tube that would experience complete lack of friction. 

Achieving this type of transportation is being sought after competitively by multiple companies, this includes some of the world’s well-known tycoons at the head, are striving to be the first to design a system that would be better than using high-speed airlines and trains.  The chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One, Richard Branson, spoke in April with CNBC and said he is working to achieve operation within the next three years.  Meanwhile, Elon Musk, the CEO of the rocket company Space X and electric-car maker Tesla, has backed the Boring Company in its’ efforts of tunnel-digging that could result in creating a hyperloop.

Interestingly, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, known for short as Hyperloop TT, considers it an advantage that there are many rivals trying to be the first as it generates others to be interested in a hyperloop transportation.  According to Ahlborn, he said that we realized it has to be more than a company. It has to be a movement,” Ahlborn said. “You have the whole world talking hyperloop.

The company describes the capsule as being constructed of eighty-two carbon fiber panels and is one-hundred-and-five-feet-long.  The capsule is held together by seventy-five-thousand rivets, a stubby back end and the front end is sleek and contoured that resembles the high-speed trains in Japan or Europe.

Anyone that is interested in how the world’s first hyperloop passenger capsule was built can watch the video on the Motor Authority website.